Recruit Princesshay

Recruit Princesshay 

SBA are leading on an exciting new initiative called Recruit Princesshay based in Exeter and the Heart of Devon. 

This initiative has been developed by The Crown Estate to place skilled candidates into positions within Princesshay as well as the surrounding area and was introduced in March 2016.

Recruit Princesshay works with various referral agencies and partners to find skilled candidates who live in Exeter and the Heart of Devon. These candidates are pre-screened and if successful, put forward for tailored training to ensure they are job ready.  The service works closely with the outlets based at Princesshay and the surrounding areas and organises interview and assessment days on their behalf, so that candidates who are successful at the training  and have relevant skills and experience are put forward.

As part of this service, work place mentoring and training is also provided to every candidate for six months after the initial appointment. This ensures people remain in positions and progress.

The overall aim of the project is to help residents in Exeter and the surrounding become job ready and secure high-quality sustainable employment opportunities.

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Further information on Recruit Princesshay please contact our Recruit Princesshay Workplace Coordinator Tabitha Scott
Mobile: 07927 559266

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