Who We Are

Our Mission:

To inspire people of all ages to achieve the career and self-employment potential and to reduce unemployment.

We are a privately owned and operated CIC with our work being underpinned by our values and ethos as a not for profit organisation. We aim to increase our ability to support the reduction of unemployment and up skilling of people and increasing our work across a larger geographical area.

Our Vision:

Our vision in the next five years is to remain a high quality social enterprise business that retains a strong focus on reducing unemployment, increasing skills and promoting career and business progress.

We will continue to grow in a commercial environment by improving our income streams. We will construct new partnerships with other like-minded organisations and acquire relevant subsidiaries where appropriate.

We will return any surpluses we have into our delivery, increasing the business model to increase its effectiveness and efficiency.

We will continue to be more innovative in our delivery methods to inspire individuals in their career of self-employment decision making as well as supporting the building of strong business relationships and embracing technological advances to enhance service delivery. SBA will be known as a trusted, responsive and expert organisation to work with.

Who are we?

SBA was founded in September 2010 by 4 business advisor colleagues who worked on DWP contracts supporting those of furthest away from economic activity into self-employment as a route back to being economically active once more.

We started small working as subcontractors to larger organisations hosting the main contracts. SBA initially delivered its service through a programme of workshops and seminars designed to give individuals the tools and guidance to take their next steps.

The organisation developed strongly to now hosting contracts as well as still working as subcontractors and within the enterprise, education and employment sector. 

Our People Strategy Aim:

  To be a people centred organisation. SBA will put its people at the forefront of everything it does.

·         Deliver growth that supports our wider business objectives.

·         Placing our customers at the heart of everything we do.

·         Providing outstanding programmes and training.

·         Ensuring the long term viability of the business.

·         Being a people centric organisation.

·         Supporting our local communities to live, learn and work.

·         Fostering new ideas, alternative ways of thinking.

Our Values:

·         We do the right thing

·         We motivate

·         We empower

·         We show respect

·         We are one team

·         We deliver value for money

·         We communicate

·         We innovate

·         We partner

·         We create opportunity

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